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design 3D print CAD laser cut prototype etch 3D model engrave 3D scan CAM fabricate

What are we going to create for you today?


From concept to sketch then to the computer. If you can think it up we can design it. Bring your ideas to us and we'll render them digitally.


The possibilities are boundless– laser etched, high resolution ink jet, or 3d printing on most substrates. If you have an idea in mind, let's chat.


We can take your designs or our own through the paces of printing, cutting, etching, molding, fabricating, prototypes. One-offs or low volume is our jam.

It all starts with an idea...

world class services

We have the know-how and tools to take that idea, digitize it, render it, print it, and provide you with a proof of concept.


Applications are endless with the lasers ability to cut and print intricate patterns or etch high resolution artwork in various materials. What can we cut for you?


Our fleet of high resolution printers bring your ideas to life through the additive manufacturing process– print in eco-friendly PLA plastic literally out of thin air, or built layer by layer out of a vat of resin. 


Our 3 axis cutting machine will carve wood, foam, or metal into useful objects. Furniture, tooling, sculpture, the opportunities are endless. What are wanting to build?


With top of the line 3D CAD software, years of experience in product design and development we are capable of bringing your ideas to life, digitally.


If you’re wanting to improve something, or make alterations to an object, we can 3D scan it into the computer to get a head start on the design process. Or maybe you just want to make a copy of something, we can do that too.


You have your object, product, or prototype in hand, but need to show it off… we can help produce web or print ready images with our photobooth and photo editing services.

3D Printing and Finishing
Laser Cutting and Etching
Design and Modeling
CNC and Fabricating

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Ready to create?

Gather your ideas, sketches, reference, and materials and reach out to us to formulate a plan. It all starts with a conversation.

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What our clients think...

An invaluable partner with the expertise we need to send our parts into space"
Eric V.
Incredible to have an idea, and hold it in my hands. Your talents and tooling are magic"
Jeremy B.
I couldn't find what I wanted available anywhere... I'm so glad you could help bring my idea to reality.
Jonnie V.
Simply amazing what you can do. The scan of our priceless heirloom gives us the piece of mind that we can now print another one if ever needed.
Jake T.


Proto.Hub is a technology and Innovation studio that seeks to engage, inspire and educate creatives, craftspeople, tinkerers and artists. We provide access to the latest technology, tools and techniques allowing you to innovate. We offer 3D printers, laser cutter/engraver, CNCs, laser scanning and photography services, as well as training on how to use these tools.

Our tools are perfect for fast, low cost prototyping, and bespoke low volume manufacturing. We can solidify your concept with our 3D printers, laser cut intricate detail in a leather garments, laser scan an object for reverse engineering, or custom engrave wine glasses for your next event. 

We believe in capitalizing on new and emerging techniques for innovation. Our goal is to empower our fellow innovators with the knowledge, workflows, and tools to flourish in their fluid and fast-paced environments.

Proto.Hub employs the latest tools and processes to get innovative ideas out of the computer and into your hands.


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